U-Haul Trucks & Trailer Rentals in DeForest, WI

We are a certified U-Haul Dealer conveniently located just outside the east side of Madison between, Sun Prairie & Waunakee. 

Trailers & Truck Rentals At Conifer Storage

Moving Trucks 

We have U-Haul Trucks ranging from pick-up trucks for small hauls all the way up to 26ft trucks for large moves. 

Enclosed Trailers

We have small trailers and large U-Haul trailers available that attach directly to your vechicles trailer hitch. 

Utility Trailers

We have tradition style and drive up utility trailers available. Choose which trailer is best for you. 

Neighborhood U-Haul Dealer in DeForest, WI 

Conifer Storage in DeForest, WI is a certified U-Haul dealer -- making it easy for you to pick up a rental truck or trailer for those whose reside in Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Madisons east side and DeForest. 

If you have any questions pertaining to the size truck you need you can visit Conifer Storage U-Haul Page here. Simply Choose a date and a drop off location and get rates instantly. 

We try to make everything easy for you to book directly online, but you can always give us a call directly at (608) 635-6900 and we would be more than happy to assist you with any questions.

Use the form below to get started with your Moving truck or trailer rental today. Simply let us know what size you need, let us know your drop off location, provide us with your contact details and we will have you set up in no time! 

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  • 6' x 12' Utility Trailer W/ Ramp
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